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5 Things Which Are Good Indicators That You Should Call a Plumber

5 Things Which Are Good Indicators That You Should Call a Plumber

Highly qualified hands of a plumber can save you a lot of hard-earned money on home repairs, especially when it comes to plumbing. If you have a pair yourself, then a dripping faucet won’t cost you a dime. But if there’s a problem you can’t diagnose or solve, then it may be better to call a professional.

Sometimes, calling a plumber is the most cost-effective option you have.

Should you attempt to crack the mystery of poor water pressure yourself and fail in the process, the damage you’ve caused will end up costing you more than a professional fix. In any case scenario, the following 5 things are a reliable indicator that you should leave it to a plumber:

1. Your Go-To Unclogging Solution Isn’t Working

Unclogging a toilet, sink, or bathtub that won’t drain has never been easier.

In addition to plungers, DIY experts now have a myriad of powerful unclogging solutions such as chemical drain cleaners and drain snakes. But if neither of these solutions is working, it’s definitely the time to call a real expert. The problem will only get worse, anytime soon.

2. All Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen pipes are every homeowner’s nightmare – unlike poor water pressure or dripping faucet, this problem requires expertise, experience, and the right tools. Even though you’ll be able to find online tutorials for thawing frozen pipes, we strongly recommend calling a specialist.

One wrong one, and you can end up with a cracked pipe or a messy full burst.

3. Your Faucet Is Dripping Gallons of Water

A leaky faucet may seem like an easy fix, but don’t let this issue mislead you.

A single drop per second is enough to dramatically increase your annual water bill. At this rate, your leak will eventually amount to no less than 3,000 gallons of water per year, which is the same as if your family has taken an additional 174 shower. Leaky faucets are very expensive.

4. The Water Is Too Cold

If your water is not getting warm enough, this means that something is wrong with your water heater. Not only should you not attempt to fix a water heater yourself, because you may end up doing more damage than good, but this problem should be dealt with very fast.

If you don’t call a professional right away, your water heater will fill up with bacteria.

5. You Have Visible Water Damage and Leaks

Visible water damages and leaks, especially mold, are reliable telltale signs that you have a serious problem with pipes. The scale and complexity of pipe repairs are not to be taken lightly, so make sure to have a plumbing expert check out the core problem as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll probably have to deal with expensive pipe bursts and mold problems.


With poorly and partially fixed clogs, pipes, leaky faucets, and water heaters, your budget will be the least of your concerns. Additional repairs will certainly burn your pocket, especially if the renovation is needed, but bacteria and mold can actually damage your family’s health.

In comparison to that, paying a plumber is a small price to pay.