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Nevada State Contractors Board
5390 Kietzke Ln., Ste. 102, Reno, NV, 89511

October 12, 2019

Subject: Jay McColl, A1 Plumbing

Members of the Board

I am writing to let you know about the outstanding service and performance by a local plumbing contractor. Never have I had such a positive experience in nearly 50 years’ working with the building and construction industries. I beg your indulgence as I relate my story.

I was scheduled for serious spinal surgery in San Francisco on June 3,2019. Just before we left we had a sewer blockage for the third time in May, 2019. This time it could not be cleared. To my good fortune, another plumber recommended Jay McColl who had the equipment necessary to power through most obstacles. Jay came out to look at the project and give us an idea of the nature of the problem and what it might cost to make the repairs. Knowing that the sewer line was the original, as built in 1939, he explained several likely conditions and proceeded to take a closer look. He advised us that the pipe had rusted through and partially collapsed.He explained several alternatives and recommended pipe replacement because of the visible damage. He suggested the “burst technique” to remove /replace the damage. Meanwhile, I authorized him to proceed as may be required and my wife and I left for San Francisco. The project included replacing the existing sewer line (which ran under my garage floor), removing the obstruction in the line and installing additional cleanouts per city code.

Jay got to work and secured permits from the city, arranged equipment and set up the project to move ahead on my return to Reno. I had expected to be gone for a week with the surgery. Little did I know that my wife and I would be gone for seven weeks. My wife took over in my absence and coordinated with Jay to get the work done.

Since my wife knows virtually nothing about construction Jay explained every step in a way she could understand and he helped her make the right decisions. Shortly after commencing the work, Jay ran into a boulder the size of a large coffee table which had crushed the sewer. Being down seven feet below a concrete garage floor the only choice was excavate and remove. Jay contacted my wife and advised her of the nature of the problem and the fact that the obstacle was likely to be a granite boulder since even heavy equipment could not penetrate the obstruction. Jay advised there was no way around the obstacle and we authorized him to go ahead as necessary. He ended up cutting the concrete floor, excavating to the existing sewer line, verifying the obstacle was a huge granite boulder, and breaking the boulder into small pieces that could be hand carried out of the garage. Again, Jay provided photos as the work progressed. He ran into a second boulder outside the garage and had to repeat the processused (excavate, break up, and remove) excepting the removal of the concrete floor. He and his crew worked many hours and late into the night to finish the work before we returned from San Francisco.
All during the process, Jay and his crew treated us with respect and addressed every concern promptly and completely. When I returned from San Francisco I met with Jay to review the work that had been done and all of the photos he had provided during construction.

Please add this letter of commendation to your files. Should you have any questions, please contact me. I will be pleased to provide any additional information needed. Thank You.


Ronald E. Blakemore, ASLA
Landscape Architect (Ret.)
383 West Arroyo Street
Reno, NV 89509
(775) 322-2074

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