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Why hire a Plumber, instead of doing it yourself?

Why hire a Plumber, instead of doing it yourself?

Why hire a Plumber, instead of doing it yourself?

There’s an old saying amongst Reno plumbing professionals and tradespeople that goes something like this:

The road to plumbing disasters is littered with well-intentioned do-it-yourself’ers!

That’s not to say DIY isn’t a good thing – IF you know what you’re doing. But for the average homeowner or business person, assistance with plumbing in Reno NV, Carson City or Sparks NV, is best left to the pros. And there’s great merit to that logic. Read on to find out why you should hire a plumber instead of doing it yourself?

DIY Plumbing – It’s More than just cost

Most plumbers in Reno are highly trained professionals. When clients make a call for assistance, it’s seldom because they want to save money. The idea behind reaching out to a professional is typically about doing the job right – the FIRST time! And here’s why most callers for assistance, from plumbers in Sparks NV or in Reno, Carson City or anywhere else in the state, will tell you never to DIY:

  • Cost seldom equals $$$: You might think that you’re saving a hundred bucks by doing it yourself. But that’s just the monetary value of the transaction. What about the time and effort YOU had to put into first learning how to do it yourself? Calling a Reno plumbing service instead would have given you back those countless hours to spend with your friends and family – or doing the things YOU love doing!

  • DIY comes with stress: What if your small shop or home in Sparks has a leaking pipe. Sure, YouTube videos may tell you how to fix the issue – for now! – but will that “fix” last? What if the leak springs back to life in the middle of the night…what will happen to the thousands of dollars of inventory you have in the shop? With scores of years on the job, a Sparks plumbing pro will not only fix the issue – permanently, but will deliver you peace of mind for a long time to come!

  • Sum of the parts: Unlike veteran plumbers in Sparks NV, or Reno area plumbing professionals, most DIY’ers will likely not be able to navigate the alphabet soup of plumbing parts required for a DIY job. Is it a Flat Washer or Split Lock Washer that’s needed? Or did the YouTube video mean Fender Washer or Dome washer? Perhaps you should buy one of each – and then figure it out? Working with Reno, Sparks or Carson City plumbers avoids all of these hassles!

Well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers start out well when attempting to take on a plumbing challenge. As long as the issue is “straightforward” – like changing a shower head or replacing a leaking garden hose, DIY might be acceptable. But for more serious challenges, including fixing leaky faucets or dealing with uncooperative sprinkler systems, there’s no substitute for engaging professional plumbers in Reno, Carson City or Sparks NV.

Counting the real DIY cost

If you think DIY is just a cost-saving thing – then think again! Count the cost of your time. Add in the cost of stress from not knowing if you’ve done it right. And then, for good measure, factor in the cost of incorrect parts or buying fixtures that weren’t right for the job. And while Your Reno plumber or plumbing pro from Carson City or Sparks NV doesn’t have to buy an entire tool box to fix your leaky faucet, the cost of any DIY job must factor those costs too!

So, the next time someone asks you why you should hire Carson City plumbers, or plumbers from Reno or Sparks NV for that matter, instead of doing it yourself – just say “It’s more than just cost”!

Why hire a Plumber, instead of doing it yourself?